Friday, April 07, 2006


Hi! You're probably here because you heard me talk with Melissa Block about children's music on today's (Friday, April 7th) edition of All Things Considered. (If you did, can you please let me know how I did? I haven't heard the interview myself yet. East Coast bias...)

If you've developed a nasty twitch in your eye because you absolutely cannot stand the music your preschooler or elementary-aged child is listening to, take a few minutes to look at the reviews here, linked on the right-hand side or search on "review" up top. You may find an artist you're not aware of making music for kids and adults that you just might love. Or, at least, not hate. (We're pretty flexible around here.)

Find a list of albums reviewed here, organized by age, here. Here are my reviews of the Justin Roberts album Meltdown! and the Brady Rymer album Every Day Is A Birthday, which were discussed in the NPR piece. Reviews of the Laurie Berkner DVD and new Dan Zanes album are forthcoming.

You can also find links to people thinking and writing about (or even playing) kids' music on the right-hand side.

If you're a children's musician, I'm always on the lookout for good music I haven't yet heard. Find out how to get in touch with me here.

We'll be posting new stuff every week. I hope you'll stop by again another time to discover or discuss other music you and your kids can both enjoy.



Breck said...

Can I really be the first person to comment? Well, Stephan, you had a great interview, and as you suspected, I came straight to the site on Ms. Block's recommendation. I can't wait to get some new songs on the ipod!

ZaXo said...

well let me be the second to comment.. I thought you did a bangup job on the interview... I have a 5 month old and will definitely check out your site as we buy music for her, and us. BTW - I too am a fan of alternative and indie music.

claud said...

Hey Stephan,

My name is Claudia and i sing and play accordion in Brady Rymer's band. I want to thank-you for your wonderful comments about my boss!! we are having a blast..
thanks so very your blog!

*Carmen* said...

I came to your site after hearing you on NPR today and one thing that surprised me is that you have no mention of "Trout Fishing in America" on your website. My six year old son loves to listen to them, it has been the only music to inspire him to dance that we have found so far.

Kristin said...

Well, I am currently expecting my first child and I really enjoyed today's piece. One of the things about being a parent that I have been really dreading is the inane Barney-like music that makes me want to pull my hair out. My nieces refuse to listen to anything but this one VeggieTales CD that makes my ears bleed...I am hoping for a child with better taste than that. Anyway, the NPR piece really gave me hope.

Thanks so much, I've added you to my blogroll!

123tommyP said...

Ditto Breck's comments. Great job on the interview. Thanks for being a normal parent who goes crazy listening to the traditional children's stuff. Can't wait to explore more of your recommendations and comments on the site.

Reggiemonster said...

Hey Stefan,

Nice to hear your voice for the first time in far too long. Great NPR piece- congratulations on the increase in traffic. Perhaps we'll see you on the Today show next... ;)

-reg (KP, Brynne and Teaghan too!)

Heidi said...

I'm so glad I caught your piece on NPR. I would like to have more variety in the music I play for my one year old, but don't have the time to research it. Thanks for doing it for me! I highly recomment Sarah Hickman's stuff.

md said...

Hey there! I did catch your bit on NPR. Not only that, but I also happen to work on the Yahoo! Music Engine, so when I got home, I looked up a bunch of the music in our Unlimited service. Turns out that we have a ton of songs, here's a playlist if you are interested in checking it out... Shuffle and go!

hereandnow1234 said...

This all confuses me a bit. For me, as a parent, I take pleasure in seeing my child move to and sing with and enjoy music. The idea that I would want to pull my hair out because my child is taking pleasure in music by listening to the same track over and over (music that I perhaps don't enjoy well because, gee-I have 20 years of musical intake on my child) is ridiculous. I have a fear that the current kids music revolution (aka, "you will like it too!") is going to lead to a musically narrow-minded generation. Music programs are being cut across the country, and we have kids listening to hip hop and rock because their parents can't stand music that is really suitable for their ears AND for their development, World instruments, classical instruments, music that allows space to move and express oneself in a way that children should, is all being overshadowed by the notion that parents should like the same music as children who are generations younger than them. Its a silly thought if you ask me. When your child is 20 and listening to music you think is utterly horrible then you can say what you think about their taste. To say you hope to have a kid with better taste in music baffles me. They are kids! Do you also hope they have better taste in fashion? Hairstyle? Coffee? Wine? Let kids be kids and get the basics then develop their tastes. At 4 years old, take pleasure in their pleasure. To do otherwise would be selfish.

Jonahmama said...

I was THRILLED to hear your piece on NPR yesterday - I even pulled the car over to write down a few thoughts, in case I never managed to get myself to your blog..yet here I am. I've already got some new music for my ipod. By the way, the interview was great.

Louie said...

I caught only part of the interview, but I was impressed by your comment about how pop music (even The Beatles' early stuff) isn't always appropriate for kids since it deals mostly with the subject of romantic love. I'm a huge Beatles fan, but I understand and agree with your point. I'll look forward to checking out your blog and hearing the rest of the interview at NPR's website.

kate said...

Hi, another new fan via NPR. I am so glad to find you; I'm a firm believer that parents and children can find common ground with music. As parents, we chose what food to bring into the house for them, why not also select child-friendly (fun) music that we can thoroughly enjoy together? My 5yo daughter's current favorites are Pink Martini, REM and Sufjan Stevens. We sing it at the top of our lungs, dance and have a blast; she's missing NOTHING by not listening to Barney and Raffi!!