Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Yeah, I Liked Catch That Train! Too

Wow, you go from reading Dan Zanes' newsletters to finding yourself quoted (or at least linked) in Dan Zanes newsletters. It's enough to make you a little dizzy. (Thanks to the fine folks at Festival Five for the mention.)

If you're one of those newsletter readers, and you're new to the site, welcome. You'll find a lot of other artists here who are making a career out of making family-friendly (or, as Zanes puts it, "age-desegregated") music. Zanes is pretty unique, but if you like his stuff (and I certainly do), you're certain to find another artist or blogger you'll enjoy (if you haven't already).

For those of you not on the DZ e-mail list, two things:
1. Why not? (Go here and enter your e-mail address to join.)
2. The newsletter posts a link to where you can watch video clips of the 4 videos currently showing on Playhouse Disney. (Catch That Train!, Let's Shake, Malti, and Down in the Valley)

(Congrats, too, to the Lovely Mrs. Davis for the linkage as well.)

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