Wednesday, August 02, 2006

And A Bass Player To Be Named Later...

The baseball trading deadline ended on Monday, but a major swap will happen in the children's music biz this fall. About when the Wiggles start their Fall US tour, Dan Zanes and Friends will be wrapping up a week's worth of shows in Melbourne, Australia.

I knew about the Melbourne shows earlier this week, but what I didn't know until Zanes' most recent newsletter (and, really, go to his homepage and sign up now if you haven't already) was that it looks like my long Zanes-ian drought will be coming to an end this spring as he makes it to Tucson on April 22. It'll be a 2-hour drive, but we are so there.

Many other things of note in the newsletter, including a new (to me) Dan Zanes Myspace page. Full of your streaming Dan Zanes needs.

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deb in sf said...

Oh, My! I envy you your first Dan Zanes concert! We've seen him twice across the bay, in Berkeley (though he plays here in town, now when he comes). What an amazing show. So genuine, so heartwarming, so seemingly all about the music and the audience and not about his ego. He really embodies everything a family performer should be, in my opinion.

And even though a concert experience was overwhelming for Max at the time, he still talks about it and asks when Dan Zanes is coming back to town so we can go back. It's been a couple of years since the last one we went to.

Not to mention that we love the music!

It's going to be fun to hear your experience, after you go.

deb in sf