Friday, July 21, 2006

Yes, But Will He Get His Own Funky Dancing Shadow?

Did you know you can get every Dan Zanes family album at the iTunes Music Store? Including audio for his All Around the Kitchen DVD? Even a bonus track from Parades and Panoramas?

And that now he's just the second kids' artist to get their own "Essentials" list, which is an iTunes Music Store-endorsed collection of, well, essential tracks from an artist's catalog? The Wiggles, meet Dan Zanes. Dan Zanes, meet the Wiggles.

I mention this for two reasons:
1) It's a recognition of the changing nature of kids' music (Ralph's World is featured on the sidebar; Justin Roberts is featured on the page, too).
2) I compiled the list.

(And, yes, there are more coming. If it takes a while, there are good reasons for that having nothing to do with my opinion of the artist.)

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deb in sf said...

Wait, you ARE Chris Douridas (I only mean that as the highest compliment, musically speaking). Wow! I've noticed that I never see you two together at parties...

not that I ever see either of you at parties, but, that's neither here nor there.

cool for DZ, cool for you, cool for us (the General Public and assorted hangers on).

Congrats and thanks, Stefan.
deb in sf